Corporate Sustainability Training

Corporate Sustainability Training

“Our team offers a comprehensive CSR training program that will help you meet legal requirements and understand the fundamental principles of CSR, current environmental and social issues, as well as standards and best practices in the field. standards and best practices. “

The law requires certain organizations to communicate their extra-financial performance, but it is also possible for all companies to set up a voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the way in which a company takes into account the social and environmental consequences of its activity. It is an approach that enables companies to integrate the principles of Sustainable Development (SD) into their activities, taking into account the 3 pillars: economic, social and environmental.

We’ll teach you how to develop and implement a CSR policy tailored to your business, integrating it into your strategy to improve your overall performance and competitive advantage. Our experienced consultants will guide you through case studies, practical exercises and interactive discussions, offering you personalized and relevant training.

Whether you’re a large company or an SME, this training course will enable you to develop a proactive and sustainable approach to social and environmental responsibility, strengthening your reputation and positioning you as a responsible player in the marketplace.




General module: learn CSR from A to Z!

Convey an overall vision of CSR, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to start integrating this approach into their business, and understand the strategic and operational implications of CSR.

  • Understand key concepts
  • Understand current issues and trends
  • Understand the benefits of CSR for the company
  • Identify the pillars of CSR
  • Learn how to integrate CSR into the company
  • Raising awareness of the importance of transparency and communication


Accelerate your sustainable results in record time!

Provide participants with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to rapidly launch effective CSR actions and generate concrete results in a short timeframe.

  • Acquire and deepen your knowledge of specific topics: SRI, Green Bonds, green taxonomy, etc.
  • Identify high-impact opportunities
  • Implement concrete actions quickly
  • Establish dialogue and involve key stakeholders
  • Communicate with impact


Personalized support!

Provide individualized, personalized support to help individuals or teams develop their skills and achieve their CSR objectives, accompanying them on their journey of implementation and continuous improvement.

  • E-learning & one-to-one training
  • Personalized weekly video appointments (20 sessions)
  • Hotline: answers to specific questions
  • Ideal for training a new CSR manager, or for internal career changes or retraining


  • CSR has become a key element of corporate strategy due to evolving standards and market demands. It goes beyond the simple communication of extra-financial data and offers an opportunity to improve your company’s overall performance.
  • Our training course will enable you to develop and manage a CSR strategy that promotes your ecological transition. You’ll be able to map ESG-related risks according to international standards and benchmarks (Sustainable Development Goals, ISO 26000, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Net Zero initiative, Science-Based Target, GHG Protocol Global, Reporting Initiative, TCFD).
  • Our experienced consultants will guide you through case studies, practical exercises and interactive discussions, so that you can apply what you learn directly to your business. You’ll benefit from personalized training that’s relevant to your specific needs.
  • Because we are convinced that companies benefit from making their CSR approach an integral part of their corporate strategy over the long term, we offer to discuss the subject with you during an “introductory” meeting with a CSR/DD specialist from our team.
  • Let’s get in touch in order to organize this training ! In the same time, you can visit our website