Our Sustainability Policy

“Our belief: CSR is a growth driver for businesses.”

Our teams are committed to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT via a global performance strategy through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


At DEVLHON Consulting, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integrated into the core of our business. Our mission is to:

  • Offer responsible services to our clients (See our external CSR offers )
  • Promote good CSR practices in accordance with international standards (Sustainable Development Goals, ISO 26000, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Net Zero initiative, Science-Based Targets, GHG Protocol, GRI, TCFD)
  • Control our environmental impact

We have initiated a RESPONSIBLE approach which includes:

  1. Promoting energy sobriety (Download the document “DEVLHON Consulting: Together towards sobriety” )
  2. Optimal management of consumables through
    • Reducing paper consumption
    • Purchasing coffee capsules made in France from recycled paper (Malongo)
  3. Promoting sustainable mobility
  4. Commitment to a Responsible Digital approach,
    1. By promoting digital sobriety
    2. By extending the lifespan of our devices (choice of efficient devices)
    3. By preferring Wi-Fi connection rather than 3G/4G/5G network
  5. Implementing actions in favour of diversity
  6. A philanthropy policy in Africa, Europe and French suburbs
  7. Encouraging the participation of our employees in associations 


We are convinced that digital is a lever for positive transformation. By signing the Responsible Digital Charter , we are committed to a sustainable digital world aimed at continuous improvement that seeks to reduce the ecological, economic and social footprint of information and communication technologies.

By signing the Diversity Charter, we are committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination and implementing a process in favor of diversity and equal opportunities.

By signing the Parental Charter in business, we are committed to promote the quality of life at work and the professional and personal fulfilment of our employees.


1. Support for financial inclusion startups!

DEVLHON Consulting wants to share its expertise with new initiatives such as

Diool, a Fintech for financial inclusion in Cameroon

Cityscoring, a Proptech and Young Innovative Company (2018 and 2022) with strong CSR value that provides scoring and analysis solutions for cities and territories.

Cityscoring offers a complete and innovative solution for real estate professionals, allowing them to quickly generate accurate and convincing real estate appraisal reports and to stay informed about local real estate market developments.

2. Sponsorship of young Afro-European high-level athletes

3. Support for artists to exhibit, sell and find specialized galleries

4. NGO: Donations and assistance in the form of man-days 

DEVLHON Consulting supports several Hunting Interest Zones (ZIC) in Cameroon, whose objective is the protection of biodiversity, through the implementation of actions to ensure the tranquility and protection of biodiversity.

  • Support for the work done by Ndilla Safaris in partnership with the EU for the management of three ZICs (03/26/47)
    • About 100 employees
    • Surface area : ZIC 3 10.000 ha ; ZIC 26 86 368 ha ; ZIC 47 78 500 ha
  • Anti-poaching: contain poaching, increase the wildlife potential of the areas and maintain it vis-à-vis ever-stronger anthropic pressures, notably the development of “wild” pastoralism in protected areas
  • Permanent and constructive dialogue with local communities aimed at both raising awareness among populations about the issues of wildlife preservation and developing community projects aimed at the economic development of villages
Specimens from ZIC 47 in Cameroon

5. Support for the CHERPAA think tank

Support for the CHERPAA think tank, whose humanistic raison d’être is to create a network on the African continent and in its various sub-regions

Our Associate Director spoke at the “Objectives 2015 Cycle” Symposium on the theme « Climate Change and Development in Africa », with Air France, Ubuntu, African Union, among others.

6. Contribution to the preservation of endangered species

Contribution to the preservation of endangered species through animal sponsorship at the Zoo Vincennes, Paris.
A portion of the funds collected is donated to large-scale in situ conservation projects in the Borana Reserve in Kenya.