SSI DATA Security

SSI DATA Security

“Our consultants work with the risk, information security and IT departments to help them define their transformation plan for IS security”

We rely on strict frameworks such as NIST, we cover all areas of cybersecurity: the SSI strategy (Define), identity and access management (Prevent) and governance and protection of sensitive data (Protect).


In the digital age, security issues have never been more important. The financial impact of cybersecurity breaches, whether public or not, can be significant, and as firms become more automated and connect to each other, the risk of significant capital erosion becomes even greater.


  • Deeply definition of a cyber defense
  • Implementation of programs to improve your cybersecurity: assessment of major risks and protection
  • Risk Management and Cybersecurity steering
  • Drafting of policies, procedures and security charter
  • Definition and integration of IAM processes
  • Setting up communication plans
  • Awareness and training


  • Cybersecurity risk analysis according to ISO 27k methodologies
  • Adaptation of business processes / IT, implementation of security
  • Certification
  • Establishment of an Information Security Management System
  • (ISMS)
  • Implementation of a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)
  • Consideration of security in project methodologies (Agile, …)
  • Optimization of the management and reporting of the cybersecurity function (KPIs, dashboards).


  • Design and monitoring of regulatory compliance programs (GDPR, PCI-DSS, …),
  • Organizational, physical, business continuity and compliance audit
  • Support RSSI / RPCA in the integration of controls and measures meeting the
  • Requirements of certification and information security
  • Setting up and maintenance of procedures
  • Interface between stakeholders: technical, business, legal and managerial


  • Improvement of the cyber-resilience of a business process or a service sold to B2B / B2C customers (BIA, …)
  • Drafting of continuity and business recovery plans (PCA / RPA)
  • Monitoring and management of the performance of business continuity management
  • Implementation of Crisis Management and Incident Response Processes
  • Threat evolution analysis



GIE CB | Audit of ATOS WORLDLINE provider

  • Audit by checkpoint
  • Continuity, cyberattack, incidents and access

BNP PARIBAS | Transversal security of information systems

  • Recommendation and follow-up of security measures
  • IAM, implementation and maintenance of procedures

TOTAL | Upgrading and Tracking SSI E-WALLET Fintech Deployments

  • SSI upgrade and monitoring of an E-WALLET solution
  • Production of procedures, recommendation and management

ORANGE | Audit of the security of information systems

  • Improved risk management
  • Response to the requirements of supervisory authorities