Our values

As a growing company, DEVLHON Consulting must be irreproachable and innovative with its clients in this sector, which is dominated by the major world groups. In order to stand out from our direct competition, we value our niche activity through our assets and the willingness of our human resources.

A matrix of expertise and seniority with an international dimension at the service of our clients.
Methods and tools at the hand of our consultants, tested in each context and project phase.
A production challenged daily in a logic of results in mission as well as internally.
Prospects for rapid evolution traced by each initiative and assumption of responsibility.
Solutions that consider the long-term economic, social and environmental impacts at all levels.

Our assets


We aim for excellence in each of our know-how in terms of knowledge, methodology and production. We maintain and develop our skills through our internal monitoring and R&D, training and regular feedback.


Internally or through our alliances and partnerships, we are able to meet all of our clients’ specific expertise needs and provide the necessary teams for any major project. This agility allows us to operate in France and abroad.


We require from our consultants a level of investment equivalent to that invested in each of our profiles. Our resources are committed, in complete transparency with the management on assignment and internally, to achieving our level of requirements dictated by their objective.

Our Philosophy


Because agility is the key to our efficiency, it cannot be dissociated from our ability to constantly adapt.
To cultivate it, we have as a priority the development of the human qualities of our team.
Based on a logic of interactions with ecosystems and individuals. This is indeed the strong point of our philosophy,
to foster innovation among our customers we have developed a culture of in-house innovation and adaptation.


Our objective is to allow each consultant to follow a logic of professional and personal evolution, for that purpose:

  • Development plan
  • Empowerment
  • Digital Learning
  • Certification

This approach focuses on :

  • The willingness to share our knowledge among peers through:
    group training sessions (1 per month)
    personalized coaching and individual training triggered according to identified needs
  • The willingness to question our knowledge in order to constantly adapt and learn from our mistakes.
  • The willingness to self-form
  • The will to be innovative on the themes addressed and the monitoring carried out
  • The desire to capitalize on in-house knowledge (formalization)
  • The desire to enhance the value of our training courses: certifications, PEC (Portfolio of Experience and Skills)


Our system of support and regular monitoring of our resources minimizes production and management risks for our customers.
Each mission and project plays its part in the development of our know-how: our requirements are often stricter than those of our clients.
The failures and successes of each individual must be assimilated by the team and allow for the development of the firm's skills and capitalization.
The contribution to the firm's internal and external growth is an indispensable element on the basis of medium-term projects or one-off tasks.
Publications, events and client communication are daily requirements in the development of the firm's activity.
Each consultant is master of his career through the achievement of his objectives and the management of his responsibilities (Management, HR, Business, Process, ...)