Emerging Banking

DEVLHON Consulting (DC), a strategy and organization consulting firm, is proud to present EBB 2019, the seventh edition of the Emerging Banking Benchmark, a unique study on the expansion of banking networks in emerging countries.
Since its inception, DC has been focusing on these areas and has developed a comprehensive quantitative benchmark to provide players and observers with a unique basis for thinking about the specific issues facing banks in emerging markets.
True to its tradition, the Emerging Banking Benchmark 2019 analyzes the expansion of branch networks, which are the main vehicle for winning over customers, their savings and their financing projects in emerging countries. It seeks to compare the dynamics between countries and/or geographical areas to highlight the main trends in the expansion of branch networks. EBB 2019 also develops themes (the “Zoom”) to highlight the players’ strategies and deconstruct preconceived ideas about the factors driving network expansion.
Now with 13 years of data, EBB 2019 provides the necessary hindsight to better understand long-term trends in network expansion, to analyze the investment dynamics of banks in emerging countries in their distribution networks and to measure the impact of the new channels of consumption of banking services, which are becoming increasingly important.