Advisory board

Jean-Michel LATY

Former CEO at BRED (BPCE), 30 years of experience

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With a Master from Sciences Po, Jean-Michel Laty has spent almost his entire career at Banque Populaire, including serving as CEO of BRED Banque Populaire for 10 years.

François-Charles TIMMERMAN

Former Partner at Avisa Partners, more than 20 years of experience

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François-Charles Timmerman holds degrees from ESM Saint-Cyr and HEC Paris. He first served as an officer in the army for 14 years before doing consulting. He is currently CEO of a economic intelligence consulting firm. Last but not least, he is also member of a strategy consulting firm’s board


Engineer specialized into innovation strategy and growth

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Romain Bauret has a multidisciplinary profile. He graduated from Arts & Métiers and Essec, he worked for 10 years at BPI France (French Public Investment Bank), particularly as and DeepTech Products & Studies Manager and Africa Manager.

Selena SOUAH

Entrepreneur, 20 years of experience (Telecoms)

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Selena Souah is a serial entrepreneur, she founded a telecommunications operator in Rwanda (MVNO), she founded Regcard (a digital check-in solution),  and she co-founded a social network specialized into the education sector. She is a member of the “Women in Tech” summit (backed by the French government). Selena Souah is a graduate of ISC Paris and of “Maisons d’éducation de la Légion d’honneur”.

Guillaume DEMEINEX

Manager at DEVLHON Consulting

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After graduating from ISEP (engineering school) and getting a master’s in finance at ESCP, Guillaume Demeneix spent most of his career at DEVLHON Consulting, from the bottom to the top. He is now part of the executive committee, and he is manager.

Patrick VERNET

Senior Manager at DEVLHON Consulting

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Patrick Vernet has held different positions at Société Générale, including subsidiaries manager in Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mauritania. Today, he is both senior manager and COO at DEVLHON Consulting.


Founding partner at DEVLHON Consulting, 2010

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Yoann Lhonneur graduated from INSEAD (SMB), he got an MBA from the University of Reading and he got a Corporate Finance certificate form CISI. He held managing positions at KPMG and SOPRA NEXT before founding DEVLHON Consulting. He has acquired a real expertise in the banking, industry and semi-conductors sectors.

Jean-Pierre ROCHETTE

Former BPE (Louvre Banque Privée, Banque Postale) and CMP Bank CEO, former SOVAC

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Jean Pierre Rochette holds a degree from Sciences Po and a DEA in law. He previously served as CEO of SOVAC, BPE, and Crédit Mutuel de Paris, and has over 30 years of experience in the banking industry. In addition, Jean Pierre has served as a judge at the Commercial Court of Paris for 6 years.


Former banker, manager, 25 years of experience

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Former international banker and former CEO of a Marketing/BI company, Frank Poulon has accumulated knowledge in both Corporate and banking environments. He is an engineer and he graduated from EFREI.


Velvet Consulting Cofounder and CEO , Chairman of TNBT Capital

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Former Manager at Capgemini and former consultant for Nielsen, Robert Picarel founded Velvet Consulting in 2004, a leading firm providing companies with customer-focused data & markets guidance (CA 25 M€). Robert Picarel sold Velvet Consulting to WPP in 2020. Since 2015, he invested in Private Equity funds. He holds an engineering degree from CYTech.

Christian FORMAGNE

Former CEO of Renault Crédit International (RCI)

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Christian Formagne graduated from the ENA and worked with the French Minister of Economy and Finance before moving to the private sector. He held executive positions at Renault Credit International and ARJIL (JL Lagardère’s business bank). He works abroad as a consultant in a lot of developing countries (Jordan, Libya, Angola, Tunisia…).


CEO of CID Consulting, Cairo (40 consultants)

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Dalia Wahba is the CEO of CID Consulting, an Egyptian organizational consulting firm that she founded 25 years ago. She holds degrees from HEC, Stanford University and has over 20 years of experience in international consulting. She regularly intervenes in the Middle East.


Former CFO and Chief Investment Officer at Saudi Fransi Banque (Saudi Arabia)

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Former leader of Saudi Fransi Bank, Adel Mallawi has held positions such as CFO, Chief Investment Officer, and Global Markets Manager. He has an excellent knowledge of the banking, tertiary, and industrial sectors in the Middle East. Adel Mallawi is a certificated administrator in several boards (VC, audit, PE…). He holds a degree from INSEAD and got a MBE in Liverpool.

Ibrahim SAGNA

President of Silverbacks Holdings

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Ibrahim Sagna has 30 years of experience in venture capital in Africa, particularly, he managed about $30bn. He held executive positions at Afreximbank, the financial markets authority in Rwanda, and Millennium Global Investments. He graduated from Boston College and Harvard and regularly speaks at INSEAD.


CEO T-Money and ex-Orabank

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After completing a Master’s degree at the Strasbourg School of Management, Minlibe Amos Konlambigue held management positions at Oragroup (Group Director, IT Group Manager, etc.), before joining T-Money, a leading Mobile Banking company in Togo, as CEO. He is also the Innovation Manager at Axian and Special Advisor to the Digital Minister in Togo.