Our story

DEVLHON Consulting was born from a simple observation : investments in strategy and organization consulting in the finance, industry and services sectors are becoming essential (regulatory, digital, performance, CSR) and more expensive in order to face the increasing complexity of activities.

All these investments do not always help to make impactful changes within the different business branches, therefore, it doesn’t always lead to improving the clients’ businesses. Large firms (big four, pure players, consulting subsidiaries from software firms, …) target the volume, however clients demand tailor-made and high-quality.

That is the reason why the idea of gathering skills, technological and business knowledge on specific topics was born. Indeed, we aim to provide a human-sized service while respecting our clients’ specific needs and quality standards. Furthermore, we remained an independent consulting firm, especially from any software providers and audit or legal services.



  • Creation of DEVLHON Consulting based on KPMG skills and major European firms

  • Launch of the Emerging Banking Benchmark@DEVLHON (400 banks in 40 countries) and first publications with our MEDIA partners.


  • First missions outside the European Union.
  • Go-to-Market mission for an African bank in its market (600 FTE BPO in Casablanca).
  • Development of a Lean 6 Sigma methodology for a non-European bank for its Equities activities.


  • First Remediation Program for a bank in France with the ACPR.
  • Implementation of the internal recruitment acceleration plan.
  • Implementation of the cabinet's development plan in North Africa.


  • Relocation of the firm to its current premises at 4 Place Saint-Michel in the 6th arrondissement in Paris.
  • First ROI linked to a recognized Remediation Plan sanctioned by the ACPR.
  • Remediation Plans in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy with local regulators (BNB, DNB, BAFIN, FCA).


  • Development of the global key account BNPP (Compliance Group).
  • First mission for a French Tech company, Proptech, specialized in real estate geomarketing.
  • First wave of development in the Middle East for DEVLHON Consulting.


  • Creation of the Partnership Division and signing of partnerships in France with firms in three African countries.
  • Acquisition and integration of Talented Minds subsidiary, a specialist in Tech recruitment, with some clients becoming Unicorns.
  • Signing of a Commercial Efficiency Program for a French Bank in Spain.


  • Definition and launch of DEVLHON Consulting's new strategic plan.
  • Development of a major French account in BFI and Finance.
  • Team event at the Jean Bouin rugby stadium in Paris.
  • First mission in Central Europe for a leading Austrian bank.


  • Development of the global key account TotalEnergies at the global and African level.
  • Implementation of Salesforce CRM within DEVLHON Consulting.
  • Go-to-Market mission for an African BPO targeting the European market.
  • Creation of the Data Protection & Cybersecurity Division of DEVLHON Consulting.
  • Bank/Finance mission funded by AFD in Morocco.


  • Long-term support for a payment Fintech.
  • Support for a second payment Fintech owned by a major oil group.
  • Mission with the Central Bank of Sudan (BoS).


  • First recruitment of a Senior Advisor for DEVLHON Consulting.
  • Achievement of the first revenue growth milestone (+28% CAGR) based on the "Growth 2019" plan defined in 2016.
  • Creation of the Trade Finance and Correspondent Banking Division of DEVLHON Consulting.
  • Launch of DEVLHON Consulting's new three-year strategic plan.
  • Signing of a major ACPR mission for Trade Finance and Correspondent Banking compliance.


  • Creation of the Asset-Liability Management (ALM) Division of DEVLHON Consulting.
  • Development of a major French Development Bank account.
  • Development of a major French Development Bank account.
  • Inclusion in a major French account.


  • Appointment of a COO for DEVLHON Consulting.
  • Generalization of remote work for DEVLHON Consulting employees.


  • Creation of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Solutions Division of DEVLHON Consulting.
  • Successful completion of the COVID resilience plan.
  • Partnership agreement with an Egyptian firm.


  • Launch of the "Marignan 2023-26-30" strategic plan.
  • Establishment of DEVLHON Consulting's Advisor Board.
  • Second wave of development in the Middle East for DEVLHON Consulting.
  • Membership with MEDEF (Movement of the Enterprises of France).